Meet Gabrielle

If someone had told me that I'd be an affiliate broker for Nashville's premier real estate agency when I first moved to Music City in 2002, I wouldn't have believed them. Yet throughout my life, my role has been to help and serve others, from my previous position as VP of Operations for a national healthcare company to my recitals as a classical pianist and vocalist.

I attended Manhattan School of Music as a classical music major and moved to Nashville to position myself next to the urban heartbeat, the epicenter of music in America.

As Nashville's healthcare industry grew, I found myself in the world of healthcare business management, where I negotiated significant transactions, including the sale of our national company. That background in management, organization, sales, and negotiation helped prepare me for a Compass position, priming me for a meaningful career in real estate.

Gabrielle Cesario

REALTOR® | LIC: #345486

I am a real estate marketing specialist. I can promote a seller’s home to over 200,000 potential buyers on social media. In addition, Compass offers the best real estate marketing technology in the world, a technology that analyzes homes across 350 parameters to determine the best potential buyers to market to. I also have access to a network of mortgage bankers to assist buyers with the financial aspects of the transaction.

But to me, real estate is so much more than transactions! Real estate is so personal. I take great joy in developing lasting relationships with my clients as I help them navigate one of the country's fastest-growing urban areas.

I have a unique connection with real estate too. I bought my first home when I was just 24 years old. I've spent my adult life understanding the immense importance of homeownership, not only as a base of security and financial affluence, but also in how a home is the foundation of one's life, the place from which homeowners set out to achieve their goals and dreams.

I'm committed to doing my part to change the way real estate is done. I meet with my past clients every year and show them how their home has appreciated. I chat with them, and I find out how their purchase has helped them meet their goals. Nothing fills me with more joy than that.

I hope to help you find the home of your dreams. You can call me direct at 615.869.9927, or send me an email at